Biggest Loser at work – The competition has begun


Today my office launched their 5th Annual Biggest Loser Competition.

The rules were really simple:

  1. Intial Weigh-In Mon 10/20
  2. Final Weigh-In Wed 11/12 (total contest = 3.5 weeks)
  3. The winner is determined by the highest percentage of weight lost

I’m competitive and a “joiner” so there was no question about whether or not I’d sign up for this thing. Weighing in this morning felt a lot like Weight Watchers – and seeing the number on the scale while wearing jeans and sweater wasn’t awesome. But I’m excited about the extra accountability this will provide annnnnd I heard last year’s winner got a tablet so the prize situation is no joke.

The only concern I have is that the weekend before the contest is over, I’ll be in Florida with family and temptation will be at an all-time high. But I have to use that to fuel my competitive spirit and RESIST!

Obviously my weight loss journey is far bigger and greater than these next few weeks. However, I’m grateful for the mini-goal and a chance to prove some things to myself. Obviously winning is fun and nice – but as long as I eat well, move more and continue to strengthen my healthy habits I’m already a winner!

So – let’s do the damn thing!


Starting Saturday with a Smile


I woke up this morning feeling energized and inspired. I’m ready to tackle this weekend head on – and see only positive and happy things ahead.

I’m working out with my trainer at 1030 today. At first I was hesitant to agree to a Saturday morning workout when he told me he had a spot open, but now I’m really glad I’m getting a quality workout in. Beyond that, I’ve been thinking of restarting the Couch25K program so I just might go for a little walk/run after the gym. Who am I ?!?! ;)

I’ve been home in Texas and committed to a healthier lifestyle (fitness + nutrition) for two weeks now. I must say, that I’m starting to feel a difference. Sure – I’ve lost about 7 pounds and a few inches, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I feel my energy increasing. I feel my attitude improving. I feel my motivation growing stronger. I am making healthier choices more naturally instead of rationalizing the bad ones.

I’ve been down this road before (more times than I’d like to admit) and I know that real change takes time. So I’m not wasting a moment worried about the end game (goal weight, dress size, etc.) I’m focused on celebrating another good day and continuing to make small wins with each choice. They add up and great things are ahead.

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend ahead of you!


Hungry … For reals


Man. I am hungry. HON-GRY. And it sucks!

I’m nearing the end of week two of being back on track and it’s been a good effort so far. Even better, it hasn’t been nearly as hard as I’d anticipated. I’m learning a lot about my body and I’m seeing results – both on the scale and with inches.

Today/tonight, however, something is off and I’m starving. It’s such a struggle. On one hand, I know that I eat should eat intuitively and put food in my body when it is asking for it. On the other hand, I don’t want to go over my calorie goal for the day – and one night of a hungry tummy certainly won’t kill me.

Ultimately, for tonight I’m making my decisions based on logic versus emotion. That means, drink some water and go to bead early. Get excited for a healthy breakfast waiting for me tomorrow.

Did you hear that?!…

It was my stomach loudly yelling GOOD NIGHT!


Getting Real


Blogging (for me at least) has been a random journey… one that I’m still figuring out as I go along.

I love to write, and I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it, and yet when it comes to sharing stories/thoughts about my life on this blog I hit some kind of mental block. I just freeze and don’t know what to say or share. I’m sure (deep down) I worry that no one cares what I have to say. Which is crazy! And silly! And irrelevant! I never started this blog for anyone other than myself. I wanted a home to capture snippets of my life in real time, and preserve those moments for the future.

Often, it’s easier to review a subscription box or share a workout on here. There’s not a lot of thinking involved, and the pictures are usually pretty cute. And I don’t want to abandon that aspect of this blog – I enjoy sharing the random things that show up on my doorstep each month.

However… I want to go deeper here, with all of you. I want to commit to sharing more and more often. I want to welcome you all in to my life – on the good days and the tough ones. I want to exercise my writing arm (or fingers in this case) and let the words lead me to unexpected places.

There are some awesome blogs out there that I try to read semi-regularly. They aren’t great because they are beautiful or because they have a million subscribers… I keep reading because they are written by real women who are sharing their hearts with the world. They are women who love fashion or are trying to lose weight or are figuring out how to be the best mom/wife/etc. I identify with them and I’m grateful that they have opened a door and let us peek inside.

I commit to trying my best to do the same. So buckle up and let’s see how we can learn and grow together!


Wantable “Accessories” Subscription Box – October 2014

Wantable is a hyper-personalized monthly subscription box. They have three options: Makeup, Accessories and Intimates. Each box is $36/mo. and you take a in-depth profile quiz to let Wantable know your loves, likes and dislikes. Essentially, this helps from getting samples/products/etc. that you’d never be interested in.

Yesterday, I received my October Accessories Box. I also have reviews for the October Intimates Box and the October Makeup Box in recent blog posts – check ‘em all out. I am really happy with the items I got in my Wantable Accessories Box! They were all super unique and fun additions to my growing collection!


There were 4 items in my Wantable October Accessories Box. From WantableOur October Accessories are not for the faint of heart and you’ll be spellbound by what we have in store for you this month. Banish boring in favor of unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Bold shapes are making a statement this season, so we have plenty of pieces to help you wear this trend flawlessly. If bold color gets your heart facing, our jewel tone pieces will inspire you to create some beautiful looks. Our featured expert and jewelry designer, Emily Maynard is thrilled to be showcasing some pieces from her very own jewelry collection this month. Emily’s pieces are designed with mixed metals, hammered hardware, natural stones, and playful contrasts that will bring personality to any occasion. Another featured brand is Headbands of Hope, who combine a love of fashion with a love for giving back. For every headband purchased, one is given to a girl with cancer and $1.00 is donated to fund live-saving childhood cancer research. We’re honored and thrilled to have their headbands in our collection.


  1. Jeanne Bracelet
  2. Colleen Necklace
  3. Tanner Necklace
  4. Kahea Earrings

From Wantable: The Jeanne Bracelet is a great, classic every day bracelet that features a gold tone with two hoops. Pair this bracelet with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual but elegant look! (RV: $12)

IMG_0407 IMG_0410

From Wantable: The Colleen Necklace is made of chunky silver hollow square pieces linked together, to create this rock inspired statement necklace. This chunky statement necklace can be added to your favorite rocker-inspired outfit, to give it that edgy look! (RV: $18)

IMG_0408 IMG_0414

From Wantable: The Tanner Necklace is a long silvery statement piece featuring a trio of chains accented with turquoise beads and stones. Pair with a coral blouse for a beautiful play on color. (RV: $27)

IMG_0409 IMG_0415

From Wantable: The Kahea Earrings are glistening, multi-tone drops featuring moving rings for an eye-catching look. Pair with a ballerina bun and earthy plum lip. (RV: $15)

IMG_0406 IMG_0412 IMG_0413

THE VERDICT: I am in love with this Wantable box! I wore the Colleen Necklace to church this morning and got a ton of compliments. The bracelet is the least exciting, but still very pretty. The retail value of this box was $72… And yet I got these four pieces for only $36! Can’t wait to see what next month brings!!!

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Wantable “Makeup” Subscription Box – October 2014

Wantable is a hyper-personalized monthly subscription box. They have three options: Makeup, Accessories and Intimates. Each box is $36/mo. and you take a in-depth profile quiz to let Wantable know your loves, likes and dislikes. Essentially, this helps from getting samples/products/etc. that you’d never be interested in.

Yesterday, I received my October Makeup Box. I also have reviews for the October Intimates Box and the October Accessories Box in recent blog posts – check ‘em all out. I was really really happy with the items I got in my Wantable Makeup Box this time around. They are beautiful, neutral staples and can be worn every day.


There were 4 items in my Wantable October Makeup Box. From WantableThis is always the time of year we begin to miss our summer glow, but with the gorgeous premium makeup we have in store for you this month, your glow can last all year long! Get that stunning, lit from within look with highlighters and bronzers from Wantable favorites Mirabella and Medusa’s Makeup. Frame your beautiful face with perfectly on-point brows from United Kingdom newcomer, So Susan. Founder & Creator Susan Chyi’s raison d’etre is to create wonderful, honest cosmetics that will enhance your life, bring joy to your everyday makeup regiment, and delight your senses. Featured expert, Lisa Heath loves the idea of smoky eyes for fall, and for the sexiest smoky eyes look no further than Eddie Funkhouser’s eyeshadow palettes and Tarina Tarantino’s glimmering duos. Canadian brand, Lise Watier is back with sleek liners to define those stunning eyes. Finally, dress your pout with creamy lipsticks from MICA Beauty Cosmetics, shining lip glosses from Cattiva, and high performance lip liners from Three Custom Color.

IMG_0370 IMG_0371 IMG_0372

  1. Tarina Tarantino Eyelicity Glitter Liner
  2. Liberty Republic SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquer (Premonition)
  3. Eddie Funkhouser Hyperreal Eye Color Palette (Ultimate Smokey Eye)
  4. Vincent Longo Lip Gloss

From Wantable: The Eyelicity Glitter Liner is a micro-glitter liner saturated with a burst of pigmented color that gives you lustrous sparkling eyes on days you want to be a little glamorous! This amazing formula is long-lasting and quick-drying once set! It is also smudge resistant and will keep the gorgeous glitter on your eyes and not your cheeks! (RV: $16)

IMG_0376 FullSizeRender_1

From Wantable: Spellbound Nail Lacquer earned its name from the incredible “SPELLBINDING” technology within the formula. These polishes bind to the nail for a gel-like wear that lasts up to 2 weeks! (RV: $14)


From Wantable: Take the guesswork out of your color application with four expertly hand-selected shades. This palette can create a range of looks – from natural to glamorous and classic to avant-garde. BEAUTY TIP: Use the darkest shade to line your eyes, smudging the line for a smoky look. Use the bottom right shade as an all-over lid color with the bottom left shade in the crease for definition. Use the lightest shade above the crease and in the inner corners of your eyes for a brightening effect. (RV: $15)

IMG_0373 FullSizeRender_2

From Wantable: Perfect lip gloss has an ultra-silky, cushiony soft texture and intense shine that perfectly balances color payoff and glossy moistness. /it glides over lips evenly depositing color. (RV: $22)

IMG_0375 FullSizeRender



image1 image2


I was super happy with this Wantable box, and I’ll definitely use all the products included. I feel like the contents were totally my style and work beautifully together for a really simple but striking look overall. The retail value of this box was $67… Definitely a steal getting all this for only $36! Can’t wait to see what next month brings.

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